What is cardiovascular

Cardiovascular risk indicates the likelihood of developing a cardiovascular disease in the future. This risk depends on a variety of factors:

High cholesterol


High blood pressure

Fast heart rate



Being overweight or obese

Family history

What are cardiovascular

All conditions that affect the heart and the blood vessels are generally defined as cardiovascular diseases. These diseases cause damage to the arteries, and organs, such as the brain, heart, kidneys, and eyes.

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide, but they can be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle and medicinal treatment.

Cardiovascular diseases in Catalonia

Cardiovascular diseases in Catalonia are the main cause of death in women and the second cause in men.
In the population as a whole, ischaemic heart disease is the disease that has caused the highest number of deaths.

Cardiovascular risk progression

Early detection of cardiovascular diseases, leading a healthy lifestyle and taking the medication recommended by your doctor can prevent an increase in cardiovascular risk.

* The result of the cardiovascular risk calculation indicates the probability that a person will have a cardiovascular accident in the next 11 years, based on their clinical characteristics.

People who have suffered a vascular event (heart, brain and/or peripheral) have a higher risk of suffering another one.

“Doing nothing” is not a good option if you want to reduce the risk of suffering another event.

Complementary measures to reduce
cardiovascular risk

Having a healthy lifestyle is essential to preventing cardiovascular events, but on its own it does not reduce the risk of suffering another new event.

A healthy balanced

Make fruit, vegetables, pulses and wholemeal cereals a priority. Avoid saturated fats and trans fats and follow a low sodium diet.

Regular physical

At least 30 minutes a day almost every day of the week.

Avoiding tobacco
and alcohol

Reduce the risk of suffering a cardiovascular event.

Sufficient and regular sleep

Reduces and controls stress.

* Benefits backed by science

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